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Need assistance with calculating hard drive storage space for your DVR, comparing video frame rates or calculating camera voltage drop for analog CCTV cameras?

Our video security tools and calculators enable you to get the information you need for choosing the security solution that's right for you and ensuring a successful installation.

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This handy FOV calculator will help you in determining which lens is right for your application.

Calculate how much storage you will need for your security DVR if you are using network IP cameras.

Calculates the final voltage for each cable gauge.

Calculates either the volts, watts or amps if two of the values are known.

See the difference between standard, super low lux, and IR CCTV security cameras.

Use this tool to compare video frame rate settings on video security DVR products. See how lowering the frame rate setting affects the smoothness of video on video security surveillance DVR products.

Calculate how much storage you will need for your security DVR if you are using analog cameras.

Calculate how much bandwidth you will need to support a network IP security camera system.

Determine your potential losses without a Video Security System and how much you can save.

Choose from multiple scenarios and focal lengths to find the lens will work for your application.

Watch our sample videos to see which hidden covert cameras work best for your covert application.