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Physical Security & Surveillance

Perimeter Security

We offer video detection and access control technologies to deter intruders, detect activity, and prevent unauthorized access. Our video surveillance solutions feature powerful video analytics – paired with real-time notifications and alarm triggers – to ensure your property remains secure.

Building Security

Similar to perimeter security, our comprehensive video surveillance and access control solutions are designed to manage and monitor access to your facility, to promote the safety of your people and assets, and to capture the evidence required to mitigate risk and prosecute criminals.

Multi-Site Installations

Our video and access solutions offer centralized permissions management and monitoring of your entire security network – including multi-building, multi-campus, multi-site applications – across the street, or across the globe.

Interview Room Solutions

Criminal Investigations

When conducting an interview related to a criminal case, it’s imperative to capture court-admissible evidence. Our solutions are specifically engineered to meet the specific requirements of law enforcement officials, and to simplify the capture, storage and distribution of your synchronized video / audio evidence.

Suspect & Witness Interrogations

Following the rules of interrogation is paramount to any case, and methods of evidence collection are constantly called into question in the court of law. An effective interview room system can put this to rest, and ensure the balance of power is in your favor.

Casework Interviews & Documentation

An effective interview system can minimize risk for caseworkers, and streamline the process of documenting, managing and archiving video and audio content from interviews and casework meetings. All systems include powerful archiving, tagging, search, and offload features.

Mobile Surveillance Solutions

Bait Vehicles

Covert vehicle surveillance solutions, also “bait cars” or “bait vehicles”, are a powerful and proven weapon in the fight against Auto Theft (BMV) and the Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicles (UUMV). Bait vehicles are an effective force multiplier, and provide court-admissible video and audio evidence needed to catch and convict criminals.

Drop Car Surveillance

Law enforcement agents face some of our nation’s most challenging security issues – including prostitution, human trafficking, and the illegal sale of weapons, stolen property, and drugs. Surveillance vehicles provide an easily deployable, cost-effective force multiplier – that provides an extra set of eyes out in the field, and deliver the video and audio evidence needed to arrest and convict criminals.

Quick Deploy Solutions

Our solutions are designed to support virtually any mobile or portable application. Our quick-deploy systems provide an all-in-one video/audio recording solution, provide real-time alerts and notifications, and are capable of real-time monitoring of suspect activity.