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    Interview Room
    Recording Systems
    in Pembroke Pines, FL
    Court-admissible evidence,
    every time.

Customizable Solutions for:

Education & Counseling • Police Departments • Correctional Facilities • Military & Defense

Whether you’re conducting casework interviews or criminal interrogations, documentation and evidence collection is a critical need. Our solutions are specifically designed to capture and record the high-resolution, court-admissible evidence required to demonstrate proof beyond reasonable doubt.

Our turnkey interview recording systems feature
the latest video and audio surveillance technology, offering:

Crystal Clear Video

At the heart of the systems is a high-performance HD-TVI real-time security DVR that records up to 1080p full-HD video that provides real-time recording and playback. H.264 video compression creates smaller file sizes and reduces hard drive storage.

Easy On/Off Switch

Eliminate the lengthy process of turning on multiple devices to begin your interview. The included wall switch offers convenient one-button recording at the flip of a switch.

Audio/Video Synchronization

Ensure court admissible evidence with seamless audio and video synchronization. Our systems perfectly synchronize audio and video to preserve the integrity of your digital testimony.

Remote Viewing

Need to monitor an important interview, but need to be offsite or conducting an important phone call? Don’t worry! Easily view live and recorded video via a free iOS and Android mobile app.

Tag Management

Interviews can be lengthy and navigating through hours of video to find that crucial confession can be time consuming. Make the process faster with the tag management feature that provides convenient tagging of a video portion for fast searching.

Options for Any Budget

We offer multiple solutions to meet the needs of a variety of departments. We will always work with you provide cost-effective solutions that will ultimately save your department money in lost time and resources.

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All Interview Room Recording Systems Include:

Multi-Megapixel Security Camera

High resolution for forensic-level detail

Super High-Gain Micro Audio System

Omni-directional and optimized for the human voice

Multi-Channel Security Recorder

Multi-Channel Security Recorder

Security-Grade Hard Drive

Store your video on security-optimized hard drives

Widescreen Security Monitor

LED monitor, optimized for demanding applications

Video/Audio/Power Cables

Everything you need to complete installation

Interview Room Systems are optimized for:


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