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    Turn ordinary vehicles into an
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Customizable Solutions for:

Unmanned Surveillance Vehicles • Burglary/Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicles • Buy/Bust Vehicles

Mobile Surveillance Solutions are ideal for both unmanned covert surveillance and live remote viewing during tactical operations. Cameras and recording equipment are installed covertly into a car that can be driven near or discretely parked by a target area. Investigators receive still and video images remotely, reducing the need for 24/7 monitoring.

Our all-in-one surveillance vehicle solutions are specifically designed for:

Increased Agent Safety

Collect court-admissable evidence and tactical insight while keeping agents out of the threat environment. Track vehicle-mounted agent movements throughout an operation or exercise (GPS and live video/audio)

Increased Prosecution Rates

The role of video evidence in the court system cannot be overstated. Court-admissable video/audio evidence increases conviction rates.

Rapid Deployment

Quickly put covert cameras in close proximity to emerging threats and persons of interest. Mobile surveillance solutions allow video evidence collection with no fixed infrastructure support (municipal utilities, easements, utility company access, etc.)

Reduced Auto Theft Rates

Remote monitoring of bait cars, with remote-disable capabilities. High-definition video evidence collection of theft/burglary in action.

Support for Vice/Narcotics Ops

For covert vice/narcotics detectives, mobile surveillance solutions offer concealed HD video and audio coverage of all vehicle occupants and simultaneous live monitoring of the vehicle surroundings.

Eyes on the Ground

The same technology that tracks criminals can save the lives of officers. Live streaming video throughout an operation or exercise can assist departments in determining real-time support, provide evidence during inquiries, and provide a tool for debriefing and future training.

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Mobile Vehicle Surveillance Packages

Our covert mobile surveillance solutions offer countless benefits and provide the ability to quickly setup and run single or multiple-vehicle surveillance operations and manage remotely from one centralized location.

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Pro Package
Fully embedded surveillance solution

All video technology covertly integrated into a vehicle of your choice. The video solution operates independently of vehicle power. Original vehicle trim/panels remain in place, providing a virtually undetectable installation.

Recommended for: Burglary of motor vehicles, unauthorized use of motor vehicles, fleet vehicles, and sky tower camera integration

Quick Deploy Package
Fully-contained solution goes from pre-configured vehicle to vehicle with minimal prep time

Quick-deploy, fully-contained solution inside of a rugged Pelican hard case (or other concealment) that connects to pre-configured vehicles. Great for fleets that constantly change, because the investment is minimal.

Recommended for: Short-term deployed bait vehicles, narc and vice operations

Self Install Package
Ready-to-install, pre-wired kit fits any vehicle

Ready-to-install solution at a lower price point, with limited vehicle prep required. The kit comes pre-wired, and can be installed in any vehicle.

Recommended for: BMV bait vehicles, narc and vice operations, loss prevention

Custom Package
Create a unique solution for your application

Our design and installation team can add capabilities specific to unique customer requirements, including: zoom cameras, enhanced battery capacity, vehicle sensors and triggers, custom concealments, and more. Contact your representative to begin a customized quote.

Speak with a specialist to determine which is right for your application: