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At Supercircuits, we understand the unique challenges faced by educational institutions to provide a safe and secure learning environment. With high profile, tragic shooting events happening at schools in recent years, campus security is more top of mind than ever before. Providing the right level of security and surveillance is important, without feeling like you are creating a prison. We specialize in helping you implement innovative security solutions that can help protect your students, faculty and other staff from potential threats. From school video surveillance solutions to access control and remote campus monitoring, our team can help you understand where you are most at risk and recommend the optimal solution to help you protect your campus.

School and Campus Security


Fire Alarm

Centrally wired fire alarm systems that monitor areas disasters are likely to occur. Our services include installation, wiring, and management to keeping your alarm connected to emergency services.

Alarm System

Our motion activated, internal security systems maintain constant perimeter security. Its internal wiring is connected to our cloud server to prevent nefarious efforts to bypass the system.

Security Cameras

Cabling solutions complete with HD cameras turn your property into a fortress. Connect to a secure cloud server and access video feeds 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

Intercom Systems

Voice and video connectivity within every room in your house. See who enters and exits while monitoring what's happening inside in real time. Videos sync to our cloud server for access wherever you are.

Access Control

Control who enters your business with key card activated doors. This is the first line of defense for unauthorized entry. Supercircuits installs, maintains, and monitors every system we put in place.


Solution: Video Surveillance

Deploying video cameras to the main entry points where vehicles and people enter campus can help identify patterns or threats before they try to enter the physical buildings. Setup triggers or event notifications for early warning on security threats.


Solution: Video Surveillance

Place security cameras outside the school, in visible locations, to monitor areas of critical infrastructure and traffic flow. This can help identify potential threats BEFORE they enter your facility and potentially deter them all together.


Solution: Access control

Manage entry points to your facilities by deploying access control that allows you to monitor and regulate who can get into your facilities and can help contain threats that do make it inside. Access control also helps manage access to facilities as personnel change over time.


Solution: Video Surveillance

Live monitor hallways, classrooms, gyms and public areas and capture the right level of forensic detail to protect your students and staff where most vulnerable.


Solution: Multimegapixel Cameras

Deploying hi resolution cameras ensures that you get the detailed video capture needed to properly identify those involved in incidents.


Solution: Training and Drills

Video security, surveillance and access control provide a solid foundation for securing your school and campus. But training students and staff how to handle threats is a critical part of the school security ecosystem. Regular, interactive sessions with staff and students will help them understand what actions to take and how to protect themselves, and others, in a potentially life threatening situation.


If your campus has buildings spread out on a large piece of land or you have remote buildings that require surveillance, we can help you define and install a solution that will let you consolidate all video footage into one central location for easy access and recording/archiving.

To provide proper video surveillance coverage for campuses with remote buildings you will need to consider how far away the remote structures are, what type of infrastructure is already built into those structures and any additional power requirements that may need to be installed.

When you need high definition perimeter surveillance for remote structures or hard to reach campuses or buildings, we have solutions to provide the coverage you need. Traditional wired solutions provide good options for reaching locations up to 3000 feet away—as long as you have the ability to run wiring to those locations. If site conditions preclude running new wire, then consider wireless solutions that offer versatility for both short- and long-range applications for off-site school annexes.


If you already have video/network wiring and power run to remote campus locations, a wired solution maybe an easy solution for implementing remote surveillance. Our security experts can help you put together an optimal solution using some of the options from our extensive line of cameras, recorders and accessories to get you the coverage and forensic detail you require.

HD-TVI Solutions

Capable of sending video transmission up to 1600 feet. Transmission distance is constrained by the need to runpower cable. It also depends on camera selection, as different camera features use varying amounts of power, which impacts signal strength. IP Solutions Allow you to get video surveillance deployed to remote buildings up to 900' away with IP recorders that provide updated Power Over Ethernet capabilities.

Extended IP Solutions

Power over Ethernet can be pushed even greater distances through the use of Extended Power over

Ethernet (EPoE).

Transmission distances of up to 3000 feet can be obtained over Ethernet cables by using Ethernet extenders. The number of extenders needed to is contingent upon distance covered.


Wireless solutions offer incredible flexibility for both short- and long-range deployments. For instance, buildings within eyesight of each other may be the perfect candidate for wireless due to the inherent challenges and costs of running cables to those locations. A wireless solutions only requires power and direct line of site from transmitter to receiver and you can provide monitoring to that site. Wireless can also be a solution when you have multiple locations with independent security systems/networks and want to consolidate those into one centralized video repository BUT cannot run wiring to connect them. Of course, when you are trying to span extreme distances, wireless is a great alternative solution. Direct line of sight from transmitter to receiver is required in order to ensure signal reception and quality. Our expert team can help you understand the challenges, complexities and solutions available for your unique situation.


Do you currently have an existing school security system? Would you like to upgrade your technology to higher performance gear but afraid it will cost too much? Is your school a new building that will have new wiring run and the latest networked systems? Each of these scenarios presents very different options for installing or upgrading a security solution for your school.

It’s important to understand your current scenario and options to determine the most cost-effective way to implement a robust school security system.

Our school security experts can walk you through the most important areas to consider when you implement video security and access control on your campus, to ensure you get a school security system that works for today and sets you up for the future.

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HD-TVI Video Security Systems – Perfect for Updating an Old System

If your school currently has an old analog security system in place you may be able to upgrade your cameras and your recorder to get significantly better performance out of your current system. HD-TVI equipment offers a cost effective, easy to install option for upgrading outdated equipment on older networks that use coax cable. This cabling is typically found in older facilities. This means that you can get better quality and higher resolution video WITHOUT having to run new cables. That is a huge cost savings to upgrade your video security system and allows you to upgrade to a higher level of forensic detail requested by most school administrators.

One additional benefit to HD-TVI is that most of the recorders that support the higher resolution cameras also come with hybrid technology that allows you to connect IP cameras as well if you are willing to run new networking wire to support those cameras. So you can actually expand your coverage with additional coverage if desired.

Our turn-key HD-TVI surveillance systems produce up to 1080p full HD video that’s sharper and more detailed than traditional analog CCTV. Our indoor and outdoor HD camera systems provide the capabilities to meet all of your high-definition surveillance needs.

HD security cameras offer a cost-effective alternative to IP cameras, and are as easy to install and operate as traditional analog video security cameras. Our complete HD analog security systems use HD-TVI technology to record high-definition surveillance video over coax cable, with no compression artifacts or transmission-related delays. HD-TVI CCTV systems also support live remote viewing via internet or free smartphone app.

Choose an HD security camera system if ease of use is important to you and you want to avoid networking challenges. HD-TVI technology lets you install and operate a high-definition surveillance solution without special skills.

IP Security Camera Systems – Perfect for a Digital, Networked Environment

Are you looking to take advantage of the benefits of a completely digital, networked environment at your school? Is your school installing a brand new computer network and already running wiring? If so, then an IP based security system may be the optimal solution for high definition security for your school.

Our indoor and outdoor IP surveillance systems are available with high-resolution megapixel IP cameras. They offer remote viewing of live and recorded video from anywhere, via your web browser or mobile device. A network IP security camera system offers many advantages over traditional analog CCTV systems, including the highest megapixel resolution (up to 12 megapixel) and integration into your existing network. An IP camera system also provides the scalability to add more cameras to your system as your surveillance needs grow. All our IP security systems come with free US-based technical support. IP CCTV systems also support live remote viewing via internet or free smartphone app.

Nationwide Installation Services and Project Management

Installing school security system properly is a vital element in providing a safe, secure campus. If you do not have a team that understands the complexities of networking, running cable, bandwidth requirements, etc we have security installation partners nationwide that can help.

Our dealer network can help with on-site assessments, gear recommendation and installation services. A local partner can come on-site and provide professional recommendation on coverage areas, technology choices and ensuring you choose the right gear for your needs. No two schools are alike and a proper evaluation of your campus and any remote site needs will help ensure you put the right solution in the first time to make your campus more secure for students and faculty.

Or if you prefer to buy gear directly and outsource just the installation, we can recommend qualified partners in your local area to help with your campus security install.

We can also help you manage purchasing and installation across multiple campuses anywhere in the country. Our security experts can act as a single point of contact for your school and help coordinate gear delivery to multiple sites and coordinate timing and installation within our dealer network, based on your timing and needs. Supercircuits makes it easy to upgrade multiple locations or sites, with one call, and one dedicated account manager to help manage the details and ensure your school gets the right gear, and right solution, professionally installed and serviced.

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